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In change, choices, God, help, jobs, prayer, weight-loss on September 1, 2009 at 10:12 am

If I didn’t have to have food or money, I could really enjoy life.


In fact, much of my life has been spent resenting the fact that I am so dependent on these two elusive slave masters.

Diets and jobs and bank accounts and bills, chocolate and carbs and house repairs and taxes – what gravity! I loathe the pull it has on me; the prison bars that skew my view of life. What if it could all be wiped away?  What glory!  What rapture!  Put me in a library and throw away the key.

Such loathing extended toward those who control these monsters. The skinny, healthy ones; the owners of manicured lawns and custom drapes and three car garages.  Their secrets have eluded me all these years.

Yeah, I know their secrets now: eat right, exercise, save.  I also know now that my fight isn’t against food or money, but against my own lack of control.  It took me a lifetime to realize I need help outside of myself; that I cannot deliver myself from evil.

HELP!  That’s the place I need to be, crying out to God.  Not just when I’m desperate, but every single minute of every single day.

In this midlife crisis of  economic challenges and an aching, aging body, I need Him now more than ever. 

Where does my help come from?

I look to the hills, says the Psalmist, I look to the One who made heaven and earth. Does He not own the cattle on a thousand hills?  Does he not give me my daily bread?

He will not allow my foot to be moved; He who keeps me will not slumber…nor sleep. The Lord is my keeper; the Lord is my shade…He will preserve me from all evil; He will preserve my soul…my going in and my going out…forevermore.

Psalm 121 was a reference made in this past Sunday’s sermon, it’s point being that we are to focus on trusting God.  Not on my resume, not on my expectations, my logic, on other people or on my circumstances, not on my personal strength.

Lord, thank you for showing me how helpless I am. I need You.  Help me!