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His daughter was about to die.  He had only one option to keep her alive: find the Healer.

sleepless night

That decision could cost him everything; his job, his reputation, his dignity. But Jarius was desperate.

He cast off the protocol of his position as a ruler in the local synagogue like an old stinky coat and publicly threw himself at Jesus’ feet.  Not exactly proper behavior for a religious leader.

Didn’t he already have a hot line to God?  Why Jesus?  Wasn’t this ‘Blasphemer’ just a radical empowered by the Devil?  That’s what his peers were saying.

Looks like Jarius is about to get the pink slip.

So what!  My daughter is dying!

My guess is he didn’t take the time to process the consequences of his actions; he couldn’t care less what anyone thought – only that his daughter lived.

A sick child stops the world for a parent. They will cross social, economic, political and religious barriers to save them and nothing else matters.

It was such a circumstance that caused this father, employed by an institution that was hotly opposed to the ‘False Prophet,’ to beg for help. So here he was.

“My little daughter lies at the point of death,” he said to Jesus, “Come and lay your hands on her, that she may be healed and she will live.”  So Jesus went with him.

But there were snags along the way that I’m sure tested Jarius to the brink.  Jesus had stopped to talk to a woman! She had had the nerve to touch his garment, crawling in the dirt like a dog.

Why are you stopping to talk to a WOMAN?!  My daughter is dying!!  Come on!!

Jesus stood patiently to hear the woman’s story. Come on – come on – we’re running out of time!

A hand was placed on Jarius’ shoulder. “Your daughter is dead. Why trouble the Teacher any further?”

Jesus heard the news and instantly infused the stunned father with faith. “Do not be afraid, only believe.”

Earlier in the Gospel of Mark, where this story is found, another public situation revealed the huge risk Jarius faced by seeking out Jesus.

His peers, the scribes and Pharisees, were incensed when they saw Jesus dining with ‘tax collectors and sinners.’  They pulled His disciples aside and asked why he would do such an unclean, inappropriate thing.  Of course, Jesus heard them and had an answer.

“Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

Only the sick need a doctor. Do you see His innuendo?   We’re all sick!  Jarius got it, and his daughter lived.


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It was easy to believe.  It still is for many, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Attache full of money

The body of Jesus is gone, said the guards who had been assigned to secure his tomb. There was this great earthquake, so we fell over and then there was this bright light so we were blinded and when we came to, his body was gone.

The body was stolen, end of story. His disciples simply stole his body and then perpetuated his claims, that’s what you are to say. If anyone says he was resurrected, they are lying. If anyone challenges you, we’ll back you up. And, here’s a year’s salary for your faithfulness.

That’s my paraphrase of the scene in Matthew 28:13, 14 between the chief priests and the Roman guards who were stationed at Jesus’ tomb the night of his burial. Poor guys, couldn’t even guard a dead man.

What’s more outrageous is when the chief priests – the very ones who represented God on on earth – heard eye-witness accounts from Roman guards, they stomped the story into the ground, replaced it with a lie and paid off the witnesses!

Not only did these priests have the blood of God’s Son on their hands, they denied first-hand witnesses to his resurrection.  Their sin would not go away. They did what every human does when they refuse God – they cover and hide.

Like Adam and Eve. Except their devices of covering and hiding were more sophisticated. Buy off the guards, replace the truth with a lie and promise backup.

If you don’t think lying could get any more sophisticated, then you don’t watch the news. This ancient technique of recalibrating the truth is now common practice. And, those who perpetuate lies always have a backup plan. You have to! Lies cannot support themselves – they have to have backup.

Jesus’ story, on the other hand, needed no backup. He went to the cross willingly. He died to make payment for the sins of the world. He rose again to give all who believe in him a second chance to get it right. He was the second Adam. No backup plan in case his sacrifice didn’t ‘work.’ No payoff to his disciples to assure his story would be spread throughout the world.

All the manufactured devices on earth cannot suppress the truth.  God is truth. End of story.

Lord, help me to face You and not cover my sins, nor hide from You. Thank You for paying my debt to You, for being who You said You were – for doing what You said You’d do. You are the Truth.