a collection of steps

The Poem

Doors & Windows


Cheryl Courtney Semick


Through doors I walk

Out windows I see


That wait for me.

Though in my mind

I do not know

What lies ahead

This I am told,

That when I knock

Yes, when I ask

The way is made

For me to pass

It’s not the door

That blocks my way

Nor window shut

Keeps me at bay

No, only I

Decide the time

That my foot steps

Across that line

Behind the door

Lie many snares

Many trials

Many stairs

But not to go

Is worse than all

Not to try

Ignores the call

Doors and Windows

Taunt the heart

Turn the knob

Dare to start.

CCSemick 6/2002

  1. Ahhhh—good stuff!!!

  2. what a push…an encouragement to dare to try the next project, or let the Lord lead us where HE would have us go! Thanks for posting.

  3. This is excellent and just what I needed to hear today! Thanks Cheryl. Your the best!

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